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a.m. breaking news overnight. a deadly shooting at one quiet neighborhood. a live report from the scene coming up. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this wednesday, september 14, 2011. let's take a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. it is 69 degrees, a pleasant start. i think we're going to have a couple more warm days before the real cool fall-like weather settles in, tom. what do you think? >> thank you, meteorologist eun yang. >> i've been paying attention to what you're saying. >> thank you. this morning, yes, we're going to feel like summer again today. yesterday was just a gorgeous day. and much of today we will be dry. but by this evening, we could get some showers coming in. but for the daylight hours, i think most of the area is going to be dry as we look at the view from space now, we're certainly dry here. we don't have any precipitation anywhere near the region now. we've got a mostly clear sky
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throughout all of our region, including maryland, the district, and west virginia, virginia, and the eastern shore. there are some showers, though, beginning to move into indiana and illinois. that's along a cool front. it will be arriving here later this afternoon. but right now off to a mild start. we're in the low to mid-60s throughout much of the region. in montgomery, arlington, fairf fairfax, and prince george's county, it's in the low 60s now. upper 60s in washington. near 70 by the bay. away from the waters in the 60s. out of the mountains, it's near 60. sunrise 6:48. here's your "day planner." by 9:00 in the mid-70s with lots of sunshine. just a few high clouds drifting in by noontime. we'll be in the low 80s then. then during the afternoon hours, peaking in the low to mid-80s with increasing clouds. by 5:00 going mostly cloudy. a look at your evening planner. could get some rain. details on that at 5:11. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. we have a problem on the inner loop of the beltway. as you're making your way around to exit 3-b, you're going to see a car fire there.
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i have a van on fire. it's pulled over again inner loop of the beltway, indian head highway. if you're taking 95 in virginia, getting a little busy at fairfax county parkway. a little busy as you head north. coming out of dale city, that's where i see the congestion just starting to build and continuing as you make your way towards the beltway. this is a live look at duke. i don't see any problems for you on 395. in fact, you're clear from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. traveling on 270 at maryland, here's the spur. nice and clear all along 270. no issues to report at this time. now back to you both. >> thanks very much, danella. >> 5:02 now. breaking news in iran this morning concerning the american hikers being held there. iran's judiciary, which decides whether to set bail for prisoners, says it is still reviewing the plan to offer bail to the two americans accused of spying. that statement just came out
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minutes ago. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad said they would be freed in a couple of days. now that doesn't seem definite. ahmadinejad doesn't have direct power over judiciary decisions. police are live on the scene of a shooting that left one man dead. this happened on the 4600 block of garrett avenue in beltsville. tracee wilkins is live with the overnight details. good morning, tracee. >> reporter: good morning, joe. let me show you what's happening right now. detectives just walked out of this home where the murder happened. that's one of the vehicles leaving the scene. it looks like they have wrapped up their preliminary investigation here inside of the home. now this moves on to the next phase. i can tell you that part of that phase is going to include having conversations with the folks who were inside of the home at the time of the shooting. let me show you what it looked like earlier here tonight. police arrived here because of the report of a shooting. once here on the scene, they found an adult male who had been
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shot inside of this home here. they rushed him to the hospital, where he died. because there were other people inside the house, police are trying to sort out the details. initially, there were reports this was a home invasion. they're trying to verify whether that was the actual case or not. whatever the case may be, they know it was some kind of an altercation inside of the home that ended with this man being shot. they have not released the identity of the victim. again, this investigation is just beginning in this quiet beltsville neighborhood. tracee wilkins live this morning. joe, back to you in the studio. >> tracee, we'll have more later. thanks very much. a teenage boy and girl are in jail in virginia this morning, accused of plotting to murder the girl's parents. prince william county police say the plan was uncovered after a gun was stolen from the parents' woodbridge home back in august. during the investigation, police learn the 16-year-old girl had made threats against her parents and other family members. then she gave the gun to her 17-year-old boyfriend, who bragged about it on facebook. >> during the course of the
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investigation, we learned that the plot that they had been speaking about was to kill the family members. she was arrested. san jose bei she's being held without bond. the 17-year-old has been arrested as well. >> both have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and grand larceny of a firearm. new from overnight, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit off the coast of central chile this morning. it was centered just west of santiago. there are no reports of any damage. also new from overnight, the attack on the u.s. embassy, nato headquarters, and other buildings in kabul, afghanistan, has ended. nato officials say all the aattackers are dead from the two-day fire fight. six or seven rocket propelled grenades hit inside the perimeter of the embassy. no one was injured. the taliban has claimed responsibility. nato says the attack won't affect plans to hand over
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security to afghan troops in the capital. al qaeda's new leader aye man al zawahiri and key commanders have gone to yemen or somalia. that's according to a chief pakistani official. a source from al qaeda says the leadership has left pakistan. this comes after the video was released the day after the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. a weight loss program is put
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5:09. a beautiful day in the nation's capital. >> we're going to find out what
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the weather is going to do. tom kierein is live in stormcenter 4 with the forecast. tom, good morning to you. today another summerlike day. so dress accordingly. right now it's mild. low to mid-60s in arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties. right now in the district of columbia we're in the upper 60s and near 70 right by the bay. weather watchers reporting around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley, and out in the mountains. in a few locations it's dipped into the upper 50s. here's your "day planner." sunrise, 6:48. a few high clouds drifting in the middle of the day. we'll be low to mid-80s by midafternoon. increasing clouds by late afternoon. here's your "evening planner." that front moving in from the west will trigger showers and thunderstorms earlier in the afternoon out of the mountain. r closer to washington and virginia showers and thunderstorms possible. those may be coming through, and we'll be in the 70s through the evening. a look at changes on the way,
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big changes. we'll look at that for the next several days into the weekend coming up in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> i still have report of a car fire, inner loop of the beltway at 210 indian head highway. be aware of that. if you're continuing onto the beltway and making your way into virginia, i don't see any problems for you there. here's a live look at braddock road. clear in both directions in virginia. local streets in d.c. looking good as well. this is 14th and new york. no problems for you. if you shoot over to maryland, local roadways there are clear. this is 16th street and eastwest highway. back in ten with another update. it is 5:11. 70 degrees. ahead on "news 4 today,the staalering amount of money made by michael jackson's estate
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the obama family may have to look for another place to vacation. the home dubbed the summer white house where the obama family has stayed since 2009 is for sale. the blue heron farm is listed at $23.7 million. the 2 1/2 acre estate features a 5,000 square foot house with four bedrooms, a media room, and a wine cellar. there's also a pool, a tennis court, a par 3 golf course, and plenty of waterfront views. the obamas rented the property for a mere $50,000 a week. >> just what you needed, joe, a vacation home. >> that would be nice. today president obama will take his strong push for his jobs plan to raleigh, north carolina. it's his fifth plea in just seven days for congress to pass the plan the president says will create more than 2 million jobs. now republicans are pushing back over how the bill will be funded.
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the president's plan proposes nearly $400 billion in spending while at the same time a congressional super committee is look for trillions in savings. >> debt has gone up by 40% because it was financed with borrowing, and yet he wants to go down that same path again. >> the fastest and most effective way to reduce the deficit in the short term is to put americans back to work. >> house speaker john boehner will produce his own plan on thursday. republican bob turner won the seat vacated by democrat anthony weiner. weiner resigned in june after he placed lewd pictures of himself on the internet. the heavily democratic area has never before sent a republican to the house of representatives. fairfax county board of supervisors approved 2% pay increases yesterday.
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it will be the county's first pay increase in two years. they put money aside in the budget in april for a 1.5% raise. the extra .5% came from a budget surplus. a vote on the proposed curfew in montgomery county has been postponed at least until november. "the washington post" reports the county council wants to hold two more work sessions before voting on the controversial proposal. the curfew put forward by county executive ike leggett would require teens under the age of 18 to be off the street by midnight on weekends and 11:00 p.m. on weekdays. police say the measure would help them protect teens and also help prevent youth crime. there's a five-way tie in u.s. news and world reports college rankings. harvard and princeton are tied. five schools are tied in fifth place.
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alphabetical order they are cal tech, m.i.t., stanford, university of chicago, and university of pennsylvania. georgetown dropped one slot to 22. it was passed by berkeley. the university of virginia took the 25th spot. george washington university moved up one spot last year to 50. university of maryland moved up one spot to 55. virginia tech dropped from 69 to 71. american university dropped from 79 to 82. the attorney who defended casey anthony is now in aruba to help gary giordano. giordano is the gaithersburg man held on the island for questioning regarding the disappearance of robyn gardner. news 4 learned that giordano's family recently hired jose baez, who was unknown before he was able to get anthony acquitted of murder charges. baez is interviewing witnesses on the island right now. giordano is the last person to be seen with gardner before she disappeared. giordano told police she never returned from a snorkeling trip on august the 2nd. legal experts say that baez is not licensed to represent
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giordano in aruba, but he can give him advice. former virginia governor bill richardson is leaving cuba without the contractor being held there. he is disappointed and perplexed he could not help free allan gross on his humanitarian mission. gross was arrested in 2009, accused of bridging illegal computer equipment into the country to promote political dissent. gross and his lawyers argue he was trying to bring the internet to the jewish community. he's still one of the world's most popular entertainer even after death. michael jackson's estate has generated more than $200 million since he died two years ago. about $30 million is set to be given to his mother and children as well as his favorite charities. jackson was actually in debt when he died. the executors of his estate say they were able to reduce his financial obligations, and they also claim the singer's assets,
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including his music catalog, have continued to generate a lot of revenue. 5:20 now. all that rain from tropical storm lee may be gone, but the chesapeake bay is still feeling its effects. check out this video from chopper 4. thousands of items swept away by the flooded susquehanna river have made their way into the bay. some of the items seen include a basketball, yoga mat, and toilet seat. yikes. we don't want that floating in the bay or other waters. >> no indication they all came from the same place. sounds like a trick question. what do a basketball, a yoga mat, and toilet seat have in common? >> we were talking about how all jokes come in threes. >> there you go. they're all in the bay is the end of that joke. tom kierein is here to take a look outside to see what we have for the rest of this day. tom? we've got a beautiful morning under way. that's a live picture from the city camera. temperature right now here in northwest washington is at 69. so it is a bit of a milder morning. but we do have a clear sky with
5:21 am
that bright moon filling the sky with silvery moon light. jupiter is shining brightly in the southwestern sky right now as well. now let's take a look around our region. we have our temperatures under this clear sky generally in the 60s in most locations. the view from space is showing some showers and thunder showers, though. out in the midwest. right now we are in the low to mid-60s here in fairfax county, montgomery, prince george's county. arlington now is in the mid-60s, upper 60s in washington. near 70 right near the bay waters and the tidal potomac. away from the waters on the eastern shore, we're in the 60s. out in the mountains, a bit cooler. from shenandoah valley out in the mountains, in the 50s there. sunrise at 6:48. here's your "day planner." ought to be making it low to mid-80s this afternoon. increasing clouds from the west. we'll have a likelihood of some passing showers and maybe some thunder showers this evening around the metro area.
5:22 am
i think it's going to happen sooner out of the mountains maybe this afternoon. could get some showers and thunder showers. might have a few coming through around the metro area this evening. sunset at 7:18. and then tomorrow morning we might have lingering showers, but it looks like we're going to clear out tomorrow afternoon. highs reaching the mid-70s by early afternoon. then much cooler. down into the 40s by friday morning. friday afternoon, highs only in the 60s and partly cloudy. and more of the same on saturday. really feeling like fall friday, saturday, and sunday too. sunday morning, low to mid-50s. afternoon highs, low 70s. first part of next week, partly sunny monday, tuesday. highs back into the mid and upper 70s. check the weather 24-7. weather channel on cable. let's check on traffic. danella? let's start in virginia. if you're traveling out of dale city at 95, this is the view at lorton, getting pretty busy. that volume increases as you make your way towards the beltway. the good news, if you're
5:23 am
continuing on to 395, no problems for you there at this time. nice and clear. as we shoot over to maryland, still have a car fire right here. this is indian head highway, inner loop of the beltway. on the rails, so far we're looking good. all of them, metro, marc, vre, all of them reporting no delays at this time. now back to you both. >> danella, thanks so much. are you having trouble losing weight? try weight watchers, apparently. researchers in england, australia, and germany found that adults lost twice as much weight on weight watchers than those under a doctor's care over one 12-month period. the average weight loss was 11 pounds for weight watchers versus 5 pounds for those not on the program. the regular meetings and support groups help keep dieters on track compared with monthly doctor's visits. weight watchers funded the research, but the company says it did not have any impact on the outcome. fashion week has turned its claws on the duchess of cambridge. according to the daily mail, at an event during new york's
5:24 am
fashion week, the fax director at nordstrom said kate middleton is stylish, but she does not set trends and isn't following him. he added you wouldn't look twice at her in new york. people say that they're obsessed with her because of her royal status. anything she wears sells out within days, if not hours. fashion insiders call it is the kate effect. kate probably doesn't want to follow some of the trends because they're not necessarily what looks good. >> that's right. if she's wearing that hat in new york, i'm looking at her twice. some sailors and their friends at a navy base in virginia will attempt to dance their way into the guinness book of world records today. the dahlgren navy base wants the title for the most people doing the cha cha slide at once. if you've never seen the dance, here's what it looks like. ♪ >> she told the freelance star
5:25 am
newspaper she wanted to do something big to mark the 50th anniversary of the combined federal campaign. that's a charity initiative for federal workers. to break the record, they will need 2,388 people dancing at once. the dancing starts around 12:30 this afternoon down at the dahlgren navy base. >> a bunch of sailors doing the cha cha slide. that is something we'd like to see. >> could be great video if they get it done. i'm sure somebody will shoot it. it's now 5:25. the terps could make a statement this weekend with a win over top 25 opponent west virginia. >> but the school itself would like fans to make a different kind of statement. maryland ap maryland's athletic director kevin anderson is asking fans to be a bit more respectful at football games. he got several complaints of profane language and defensive signs after the terps' home opener against miami. school officials say that kind of behavior paints maryland in a bad light. they say that fans have a responsibility to represent the school with class and dignity
5:26 am
and respect. and when terps basketball team plays at the comcast center this year, the court will have a new name. the university is naming the court after former head coach gary williams. williams retired in may after 22 years at the school. new president wallace lowe recommended the naming and called williams, quote, a faithful alumnus, a highly successful and iconic figure in men's college basketball, and a tireless fund-raiser on behalf of student scholarships. williams led the terps to a national championship in 2002 and is the winningest coach in the school's history. the naming ceremony will be held december 9th. congratulations to gary. >> this is just the first of several special events to honor the anniversary. he's an alumnus and very successful basketball court and an all around great guy. >> indeed. it will never be the same at comcast without gary. we wish that team the best.
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i do anyway. >> we all do. 5:26 is the time. what security changes the tsa is ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios.
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breaking news this morning, the moment two families have been waiting for may be put on hold. why the release of the americans jailed in iran is now in doubt. and breaking news overnight. a deadly shooting in a quiet neighborhood. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. welcome back to "news 4 today." it's wednesday, the 14th of september, 2011. let's take a live look outside. beautiful day out there so far. cool temperatures, 68 degrees right now.
5:31 am
tom is here to tell us about the forecast. >> another bright moonlit morning under way. we have settled weather here for today. feeling again a lot like summertime here in september. there's the view from space. we've got a clear sky here over west virginia, virginia, maryland, and eastern shore up into pennsylvania. just a few clouds there. they're getting showers in illinois and indiana. that's ahead of the a cool front sweeping through our region by late tonight and during the day tomorrow. right now off to a very pleasant start. we're just near 60 in much of fairfax and montgomery counties. right now into prince george's county, mid-60s as well as in arlington and the district of columbia it's near 70 as well as by the bay. elsewhere, out of the mountains of western maryland, west virginia, and parts of the shenandoah valley, it's in the upper 50s. sunrise at 6:48. here's your "day planner." by 9:00, should be mid-70s. lots of sun this morning and clouding up this afternoon. we'll have increasing high clouds initially. we'll be in the mid-80s by early
5:32 am
to midafternoon. getting quite cloudy by late afternoon. could get showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon in the mountains. then arriving here later. that would be this evening. a look at your evening planner at 5:41. danella, good morning. how's our traffic? >> good morning. congestion is starting to build on some of our roadways. let's take a look at 270. traveling 270, slow from 85 leaving urbanna and making your way all the way down to clarksburg. once you get to clarksburg, it looks pretty good until you get to west montgomery. starting to get a little busy here. i've been watching this. the volume is increasing as you make your way towards the spur. so far at west montgomery avenue, no accidents at all on 270. no major delays as of yet. again, volume is increasing. traveling in d.c., good morning. so far no issues to report. again, i am seeing volume right here on new york avenue at bladensburg. starting to see volume as you make your way off 295 and route 50 and head into the city. again, no accidents to report.
5:33 am
now back to you both. >> danella, thanks. 5:33 now. breaking news in prince george's county. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man. this happened on the 4600 block of garrett avenue in beltsville. news 4's tracee wilkins is live on the scene with this overnight breaking news. tracee, good morning. >> good morning, eun. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened here. this is a strange case of murder, especially considering the fact that this was a house full of people at the time that it happened. let me show you what it looked like earlier. prince jorngs county police have just cleared the scene, but this is what it was like just moments ago as detectives were working the scene and searching for evidence here. we're told they arrived at this house around 12:30 in the morning to respond to the report of gunshots fired here. when they got here, they found an adult male who had been shot. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. as i said, there were people
5:34 am
inside of the house at the time. >> right now we can't confirm there was a home invasion or there wasn't a home invasion. we do know there was some sort of altercation inside of the home, and shots were fired. >> reporter: because they don't have that clarity, we don't have clarity on suspect information. we don't know if they're actively looking for a suspect right now or they believe they have the suspect in custody. all of this is what they're trying to figure out. they want to know if the person was already in the house or if that person invaded the home and then left. lots of questions this morning. this is very unusual for this quiet beltsville neighborhood. tracee wilkins live this morning. back to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. more breaking news in iran this morning. a discouraging report about the american hikers being held there. iran's judiciary, who decides whether to set bail for the prisoners, is reviewing the plan for the two americans accused of spying. they say reports of their imminent release are wrong,
5:35 am
adding the two men will remain in prison for, quote, a bit longer. that goes against what iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad said yesterday. he told the "today" show's ann curry the hikers would be freed in a couple of days. however, ahmadinejad has no direct power over judiciary decisions. there's also breaking news from iraq overnight. 13 people are dead after a car bombing outside a restaurant about 50 miles south of baghdad. two of the victims are iraqi police officers. dozens of people are also wounded. the attack happened around 8:00 in the morning there. that's about 1:00 a.m. our time. new from overnight, the attack on the u.s. embassy, nato headquarters, and other buildings in kabul, afghanistan, has ended. afghan government officials say all the attackers are dead from the two-day fire fight. we brought you the breaking news as it happened yesterday morning. the u.s. ambassador said six or seven rocket propelled grenades hit inside the perimeter of the
5:36 am
facility. no one was injured, though. the taliban has claimed responsibility. nato says this will not affect plans to hand over the command to afghani troops in the capital. according to a pakistani intelligence official, ayman al zawahiri has left pakistan and gone to yemen or somalia. this morning we're hearing from one of the passengers on board a frontier airlines flight detained sunday in detroit. her name is shoshana hebsi, and she describes herself as half arab, half jewish. she and two indian men sitting next to her were taken into custody after the men spent a long time in the rest room. military jets followed their flight to the airport after the two men acted suspiciously. she says she did not even know
5:37 am
the two men next to her. she was strip searched before being allowed to leave. frontier says they were not taking any risks on the anniversary of 9/11. the tsa will soon screen how it screens young kids. children under age 12 may not have to take off shoes and go through invasive pat-downs. officials are still working out the details. the new security rules for children won't take effect at any d.c. airports in the next few months. privacy advocates and some parents have long complained about the current screening procedures for children. a federal report into what caused the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history could be released to the public as early as today. a government team has been investigating the bp oil spill since the deep water horizon oil rig burst into flames in 2010. the report comes amid revelations that bp scientists identified a deposit of flammable gas that could have played a role in that disaster
5:38 am
but failed to report it to the government. investigators have also cited misreading of data, failure of a blowout planner, and other things as reasons for the spill. two teenagers accused in a disturbing plot. [ cherie ] i wanted to make a difference in my community. [ kimberly ] the university gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. [ carrie ] you're studying how to be an effective leader. [ cherie ] you're dealing with professionals, teaching things that they were doing every day. [ kimberly ] i manage a network of over a thousand nurses.
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good morning. it is 5:41 on this wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. starting off with a bright moonlit sky. temperatures down to near 60 in montgomery, fairfax, and prince george's counties. arlington and in the district in the mid and upper 60s. right near the bay, it's near 70. most of the region, we're in the 60s now. sunrise at 6:48. by noontime, low 80s with increasing clouds from the west.
5:42 am
there could be showers and thunderstorms in the mountains. i don't think they're going to be arriving here until perhaps this evening. here's your evening planner. sunset at 7:18. we might have a few isolated thunder showers or passing showers this evening. there's a greater chance after midnight tonight and as we start off thursday morning. a look at the big changes on the way for the end of the week and look at the weekend at 5:51. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. let's take a live look at some bridges in our area. i noticed the american legion bridge was getting pretty busy. hey, there's no accidents in either direction as you make your way across. as we shoot down to the 14th street bridge, getting a little more action. again, no accidents here. you're clear as you make your way across and head into the city. taking the key bridge, no problems at all. absolutely clear. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. for now, back to you both. >> danella, thanks so much. 5:42 is the time. 5:42 is the time. coming up, the daily deal that
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somewhere in america, there's a doctor who can peer into the future. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest healthcare questions. and the over 60,000 people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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welcome back. at 5:46. forget jewelry or clothing or even cash, one of the hot items is tide. they say thousands of bottles of detergent are being stolen right off the shelves from supermarkets in the area and being sold for profit. police say it may seem like an odd item to steal, but they can make thousands of dollars. one man was arrested last month with a car full of detergent and more than $90,000 in the bank. >> it's been pretty profitable for him? >> it's big money in this. it's tax free money. >> not for him anymore? >> no, sir. >> police say the thieves are selling the stolen tide at flea
5:47 am
markets, convenience stores, and even bus stops. a teenage boy and girl are behind bars in virginia this morning. they're accused of plotting to murder the girl's parents. prince william county police say the plan was uncovered after a gun was stolen back in august. police learned that the 16-year-old girl had made threats against her parents and other family members. then she apparently gave the gun to her 17-year-old boyfriend, who then bragged about it on facebook. >> during the course of the investigation, we learned that the plot that they had been speaking about was to kill the family members. she was arrested. she's being held without bond. and the 17-year-old has been arrested as well. >> both have now been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and grand larceny of a firearm. a 17-year-old hay market
5:48 am
girl has been arrested. she had the materials to make a pipe bomb in her home. they say someone who saw the materials in her room called police. gregory is charged with possession of explosive material and possession of illegal fireworks. police are investigating a deadly stabbing in northeast washington close to a recreation center. the victim is a woman. her name has not been released yet. police located her body in an alley behind the joseph cole recreation center. no word on whether police have made any arrests in this case. they came together in an incredible display of bravery and strength. now some of the people who helped rescue a man trapped underneath a burning car are talking about it. by now you may have seen this amazing video. a camera crew happened to be filming something overlooking a parking lot in logan, utah. a bmw and a man on a motorcycle collided. the motorcycle became trapped under the bmw. then the car burst into flamed. despite the danger, a group of people nearby rushed in to help, many of them college students.
5:49 am
together they managed to lift the car off the victim. >> the danger, i didn't think for a minute. i thought what if it was my son. didn't care who was under that car so long as we can give him a second chance. >> the motorcycle rider, 21-year-old brandon wright, is now recovering in the hospital. his uncle says he is airwa of the rescuers courage and is extremely grateful. more than 30 families who lost homes in last week's flooding are now caught between political wrangling and a struggle to keep a roof over their heads. a temporary shelter is set up to help residents from the holly acres mobile home park in woodbridge is going to shut down on friday. many of the flood victims say that is not enough time for them, and they're begging for the county to extend the temporary shelter deadline. >> we need more time and a place to stay safe because we don't have no place to go.
5:50 am
nobody had a place to go. >> the mobile home park is being condemned. prince william county chairman tony stewart says they can't do anything without federal funds authorized by the president. >> by another man is saying it's the governor's responsibility to ask for the disaster funds. in the meantime, the public can donate to help these folks through the county's wub seet. the ramp that connects the exit ramp to boudinot drive in ft. belvoir will reopen today. crews will place new concrete under the affected portion of the ramp to reinforce it. sunspot 1223 to solar watchers is known as old faithful. >> there's a reason for that. it spouts off one solar flare after another, and now it is
5:51 am
making for incredible pictures. take a look. this picture shows the northern light effect caused by those flares. best viewing so far has been in northern canada. for a different perspective on the aurora, take a look at this view of the southern lights as seen from the international space station. it's expected to peak in 2013. weather watchers say even better pictures of the aurora are coming soon. >> unfortunately, we very rarely get to see those beautiful sights in the sky down this far south. >> there has to be a direct hit on the earth from those solar flares to see it this far south. they've been seeing them in the northern states on the canadian border in wisconsin and minnesota and northern michigan and into vermont, new hampshire, and maine. they've been seeing that the last couple of nights. this morning we've got a clear sky. the sky is flooded with moon light rather than an aurora. right now it's clear at reagan national. temperatures at 69. it's just a rather humid this morning. there might be a little light fog in some of the rural areas,
5:52 am
and we've got a light southwesterly breeze. now, the view from space over the last 12 hours showing one decreasing line of thunder showers. pennsylvania now that's gone. we've got a clear sky here across virginia, maryland, the district, and west virginia. weather watchers reporting bright moonlight all around from the eastern shore into the mountains. way out here in the midwest, you're watching in hd, you can see this. we've got showers and thunder showers coming into illinois and indiana. that's ahead of a cool front that will be arriving here later this evening. right now it's a pleasant morning this september morning. temperatures now are down near 60 in fairfax and montgomery and prince george's counties. arlington county now the mid-60s, and in the district of columbia, we're in the upper 60s to near 70. also near 70 right near the bay. away from the waters inland and southern maryland and the eastern shore, mid and upper 60s. few spots shenandoah valley and into the mountains are in the 50s. as we go forward throughout the next 12 hours, we'll just have a few high clouds coming in later today. then this evening is when the
5:53 am
possibility of showers and thunder showers coming in from the west as that front does come on through. here's your "day planner." sunrise 6:48. by noon time low 80s with some of the high clouds drifting in. we'll have increasing clouds during the rest of the afternoon as we peak in the low to mid-80s. this evening is when we have the possibility of a passing shower or thunder shower. don't think it's going to be raining all the time. there's about a 30% to 40% chance of a passing shower or thunder shower through the evening. otherwise, quite a bit of cloudiness around tonight and tomorrow morning. there's about a 50% chance of some morning showers as we get off to work and school on thursday morning. then during the afternoon tomorrow, we've got to get the sun back with a gusty northwest wind and turning much cooler. in fact, by dawn friday, dawn into the upper 40s throughout much of the region with afternoon highs upper 60s. we'll repeat that again on saturday. a bit milder on sunday, monday, and tuesday. now, danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. taking the beltway in maryland, no accidents to report at this time. had an earlier car fire on the
5:54 am
inner loop of the beltway at indian head highway. that's clear, not causing any delays. i'll give you a live look right now at colesville road because it's getting a little busy if you're traveling the outer loop. i'm watching volume increase. inner loop and outer loop in maryland is clear. heading over to virginia, this is at robinson terminal. also picking up a little seam. no significant delays at all. i am seeing some volume on 95 in virginia. this is a live look at fairfax county parkway. your delays actually start in dale city, and they continue as you head towards the beltway. back in ten minutes with another update. back to you both. a record pace for a daily deal. many of you probably saw it in your inbox and snapped it up. the website living social offered $20 worth of groceries at whole foods for just $10. the deal was so good, 1 million people took advantage of it. that breaks down to about 30 deals per second. yes, the deal is now sold out. another option for booking
5:55 am
your next getaway, google is now taking on travel sites like travelocity and expedia. you can search for sites at you can search for flights by price, airline, and routes. it has a bar chart showing which dates are more expensive to fly. if you're one of those trying to get away, don't expect to be able to stretch out on your next flight. airplanes are filling up in july and august. 80% of seats were being filled by paying customers. if you added off-duty airline staff and people with frequent flier miles, there were few empty seats at all on planes. analysts say there may be more space this fall if the economy does slow any further. either way, flights on thanksgiving and christmas will be packed. fuller flights any time in that you are less likely to get a seat if you're flight is cancelled, of course. a new change for facebook users. you can now filter which friends see your photos, your posts, and links. starting today, the social networking site will allow to
5:56 am
you customize your groups. it's also allowing -- or rolling out smart lists that will automatically categorize your friends from college, from work, or from your location. the latest move from google plus, which allows users to group people in circles. >> i can make my friends run in circles. a little girl in england has achieved something archaeologists only dream of. >> she's unearthed a rare fossil that's more than 160 million years old. look at it. that's not emily. that's the fossil. here's emily baldry, 6 years old. she was on her first organized dig at the cotswald water park in gloucestershire last year. she was using a long handled children's spade better suited to build sand castles, but she ended up finding an enormous and perfect fossil. it's the remains of a mollusk that lived in the ocean during
5:57 am
the jurassic period. >> what were you digging for? >> this. >> did you know you found this? >> unh-unh. it's that. >> emily calls the fossil spike. good name. the fossil is now on display at a museum. >> that's very good. congratulations to her. spike apparently won't play, though. >> 160 million years old. one college football team's new uniforms that
5:58 am
5:59 am
uniforms. new from overnight, the murder in a normally quiet maryland community. why police are questioning a number of people in thisas

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